I Will Go Wherever Your Project is Located

July 19th, 2012

I WILL GO WHEREVER YOUR JOB IS LOCATED… My project radius is not limited to the state of Maryland. My primary areas of business are Maryland, Pennsylvania and Delaware (Tri-state area) but I have also completed projects all over the country from New York and New Jersey to Florida, Arizona and even Hawaii.

Projects can also be global, like the Missionary Church located in Vienna, Austria. My plan designs were sent via internet to the engineers and project consultants located on site in Vienna. The project involved converting an existing parking garage to a working, functional, worship sanctuary. The project was managed by the Church Minister and his project team (located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania) Our group coordinated with sub contractors located all over the east coast. The project was completed and I was fortunate to see photos of the finished product. The most difficult thing I remember was converting our ways of measurements to metric measurements. I personally prefer the foot and inch method.

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