Our Services

Design Services

Amorin Ink design services include:

  • Custom residential home designs, additions & renovation projects
  • Commercial building design, fit-out spaces, additions & renovation projects
  • Agricultural Projects including, but not limited to storage barns, horse barns, arenas & utility storage buildings.

See the design process below.

Additional services include:

  • ICC Building code analysis and code requirements
  • On-site project consultation and building construction design recommendation
  • Coordinate design phases with sub-contractors and your civil engineer

Please contact Amorin Ink for your project consultation.

Preliminary Drawing Process for Residential & Commercial Additions & Renovations

  • Initial contact with Amorin Ink to discuss your project and needs.
  • Arrange on-site consultation to discuss your project & design needs (nominal fee based on location and distance).
  • Based on the initial consultation, we can evaluate and determine your drawing needs and compile a quote based on that information.
  • Project will proceed forward after the acceptance of the drawing proposal.
  • Schedule a time to measure and document the existing structure or areas of modification; Review project details again if necessary.
  • Produce first concept plan to Client; Add Client input and revisions to fine tune plan.
  • End preliminary Design (Used for pricing & planning; not for permit application)

Final Drawing Process for Residential & Commercial Additions & Renovations

  • Add changes or revisions into plan and proceed to finalize plan.
  • Acceptance of final design then proceed to engineering stage
  • Add final details, dimensions, section views and engineering notations to plan.
  • Acceptance of final plan with layout & design
  • Receive plan sets, and you’re ready to go for your permit application!