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Important notes and comments when designing in flood areas.

  • Cost of renovation project exceeds 50% of market value of building assessment, not property value [$40,000 building assessment, $1,000,000 property value] then building or addition must be elevated to current FEMA and Critical Bay level regulations. This is typically 5 ft. to 13 ft. higher but varies per location on the river.
  • Use of “eco pavers” may receive up to 50% surface increase credit.
  • Maximum height of building cannot exceed 35 ft. in total from grade line; this does not include chimney (typically) or other miscellaneous projections (cupolas, weather vanes, etc.).
  • Common base flood level vents are typically aluminum 8″x16″ crawl space vents packed to inside with R-19 fiberglass insulation [low cost method].
  • Use of “smart vents” or other similar automatic foundation vent products increase coverage to up to 200 square inches per vent, which may reduce vent count total requirements. One (1) square inch of flood vent required for every 1st floor square foot. (ex. 2,000 square feet first floor [8″x16″ vent = 128″ sq.] 16 vents required).
  • Vents must be located on at least 2 or more walls and mounted not more than 12″ off finished floor at base flood level.
  • No mechanicals on lower flood base level.
  • Reinforced poured concrete walls are preferred over concrete block (Poured walls are less porous and do not have wall cavity [retain water longer]).


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