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I would like to thank Deb Smith of Small Details Web design service for her assistance in the re-design of this web site. The intention of the re-design is to make the site more user friendly for viewing projects and obtaining current project information. She was very efficient in the transition and I would recommend her highly for your personal or business project. Give her a call at (410) 996-9713

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I Will Go Wherever Your Project is Located

I WILL GO WHEREVER YOUR JOB IS LOCATED…┬áMy project radius is not limited to the state of Maryland. My primary areas of business are Maryland, Pennsylvania and Delaware (Tri-state area) but I have also completed projects all over the country from New York and New Jersey to Florida, Arizona and even Hawaii.

Projects can also be global, like the Missionary Church located in Vienna, Austria. My plan designs were sent via internet to the engineers and project consultants located on site in Vienna. The project involved converting an existing parking garage to a working, functional, worship sanctuary. The project was managed by the Church Minister and his project team (located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania) Our group coordinated with sub contractors located all over the east coast. The project was completed and I was fortunate to see photos of the finished product. The most difficult thing I remember was converting our ways of measurements to metric measurements. I personally prefer the foot and inch method.

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IECC Energy Code Reports (REScheck & COMcheck)

Energy Code Compliance

IECC 2012 Energy CodeCecil County Plans and Permits has adopted the Current IECC Codes since August 01, 2010. Unless using IRC Code prescription methods as described in the current IECC Code book, the building owner must submit a REScheck report. This report is required for new home construction and new residential additions.

The IEEC Energy Code has been around a whole lot longer than August 01, 2010. Amorin Ink, Incorporated has been very familiar with these reports and requirements. Since the demand for these reports has increased due to local building code requirements, we have become very efficient in compiling such reports. With your Energy Code Report package you will receive two (2) sleeved cover booklets along with two (2) panel data stickers for job sites. Clients have the option for emailed reports sent directly to the Building Code Official.
Residential Compliance Using REScheck

The REScheck materials have been developed to simplify and clarify code compliance with the Model Energy Code (MEC), the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC), and a number of state codes. The REScheck residential compliance materials offer two ways to demonstrate compliance: the trade-off approach and the prescriptive packages approach.

Trade-Off Approach

The REScheck software simplifies energy code compliance by automating the trade-off calculations for this approach. REScheck includes the following state-specific energy codes: Arkansas, Georgia, New York, Vermont, Wisconsin, and Pima County, Arizona. The REScheck-Web online code compliance tool can also be used to show compliance using the trade-off approach. It performs just like the desktop version but requires no download or installation. REScheck-Web can be used in states that require the MEC/IECC as their energy code for residential buildings.

Prescriptive Approach

The REScheck Package Generator is a web-based application that allows you to generate your own code-compliant insulation and window packages rather than following pre-defined prescriptive packages. The 2009 IECC residential prescriptive requirements are provided in a county drill-down map. The 2009 IECC is the residential code that must be met in order to qualify for federal stimulus tax credits.
Commercial Compliance Using COMcheck

The COMcheck materials (software, manual code compliance, and reference guides) simplify and clarify commercial and high-rise residential energy code compliance. Forms and checklists are included for documenting compliance.

Trade-off Approach

The COMcheck software simplifies energy code compliance by offering a flexible computer-based alternative to manual calculations. The COMcheck-Web online code compliance tool is the web-based version of the COMcheck desktop software. It performs just like the desktop version but requires no download or installation.

Prescriptive Approach

The COMcheck Prescriptive Package Generator is a web-based application that allows you to generate your own code-compliant insulation and window packages rather than following pre-defined prescriptive packages.

Why Hire an AIBD Design Professional?

AIBD ProfessionalAn AIBD Professional Building Designer is a member of the American Institute of Building Design who has fulfilled the education and experience requirements of that level of membership and has pledged to abide by all AIDB requirements, By-Laws and Code of Ethics. Only an AIBD member that has proven competency in design and construction methods has earned the right to use the title of AIBD Professional Building Designer. Building a home or an addition represents the greatest financial investment most people will make in a lifetime and few envision how complex the process is until they are entangled in a jungle of restrictive covenants, building codes, zoning ordinances, design options, vendor and contractor choices and so on. When a new home or an addition is in our future, a specialist in the discipline of residential design is your best choice to guide you through the design and building process. Accordingly, it makes sense to secure design services from a qualified, reputable and experienced source.

A Professional Member of the American Institute of Building Design (AIBD)

Since 1950, the AIBD has provided building designers with educational resources, and has developed nationwide design standards and a code of ethics for the building design profession. Today, AIBD is a nationally recognized association with professional and associate members in 48 states, throughout Canada and in Europe, Asia, Australia and the Bahamas. Its chartered state societies are active in their respective legislative arenas and work to promote public awareness of the building design profession.

AIBD is also meeting the challenge of the future by educating members about new and improved building materials and innovative technologies that will impact how we live in the future.

The AIBD Mission

Dedicated to the enhancement, development and recognition of the residential and building design professions.

AIBD’s Purpose

The American Institute of Building Design (AIBD), a nonprofit professional organization established in 1950, strives to protect and enhance our member’s ability to practice their profession. AIBD is committed to providing quality continuing education to ensure that our members remain current with technology, materials and building codes. AIBD is also committed to establishing and maintaining professional relationships with other trade, business, and professional organizations within the design and construction industry.

At all times AIBD will hold itself to the highest standards of ethics and professionalism as specified by our institute’s by-laws and code of ethics and will uphold the protection of the health, welfare, and safety of the general public. This commitment is to the public and industry we serve and the profession we represent.